More About Me

Having lived in 6 states and 21 houses in my lifetime,
I understand the difference between a house which is sticks, bricks, and
mortar, and a HOME. I totally believe the saying “HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS”,
but it is even more than that! For myself, it is the deep appreciation and love
for nature, the outdoors, all animals great and small, (I am known as an animal
whisperer), Water, Cultural Activities, Music, Diversity, and the list goes on.
That is why Bella Vista, NWA, has been my home and go to for over the past 35

My mother and brother were long time Realtors not only
in NWA, but throughout the country. After the University of Arkansas, I did a
stint with Cooper Communities and worked on such projects as Tellico Village in
Tennessee, Point Royale in Branson Missouri, etc. before embarking on an
Executive level Corporate Career like my father.

As I have transitioned back to the family passion of
Real Estate, my goal is to find every client not a house, but a ‘HOME’ that is
the all-encompassing center point of life!